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Bringing a Little Vogue to the Silicone Wristband

Bracelets have always been fashionable, throughout the ages and even with the ancient Dacians. Dating to the Bronze Age, bracelets were a sign of wealth and royalty, often made from precious metals and jewels. Those who could not afford such wealth often made bracelets from twine, yarn or material, weaving these items together for a unique look.

Recently, as silicone wristbands and silicone bracelets have reached an all-time popularity high, the vogue bracelet fashion has turned the corner towards a trend in inexpensive jewelry with specific significance.

Some interesting facts about personalized silicone bracelets include:

  • While silicone wristbands were originally a simple fashion statement, they have evolved to define specific associations, groups or causes.
    • Black wristbands indicate someone is in mourning, just as black has always held memorial-type significance in the “underworld.”
    • White Wristbands represent the World Health Organization, promoting peaceful cooperation and ideally utopian health.
  • Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG yellow wristband movement made headlines for helping raise donations and cancer awareness globally.
  • Silicone wristbands are popular among both children and adults.
  • Custom made wristbands are an excellent promotional tool, especially for fundraising organizations.
  • Schools often use wristbands to promote school spirit and raise additional funds.
  • Sports teams wear silicone wristbands as promotional bands to promote a sense of unity and to remind individual team members how essential teamwork is to success.
  • Politicians often use silicone bands in their campaigns. Consider the recent Presidential 2012 campaign, where people wore “Obama 2012” or “Romney” wristbands to promote political action.
  • Entertainment groups often pass out special silicone bands that denote VIP members.
  • Silicone bracelets come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Logos and designs are easily incorporated into custom designs, including words and phrases.
  • Letters can easily be debossed, where the letters are engraved but not raised, or embossed, where the letters are raised.
  • Many of these awareness causes not only help bring donations to the cause itself, but also provide much needed help and support for patients and family members that are suffering from disease and illness.
  • Teenagers enjoy wearing silicone bracelets, as these colorful reminders provide them with a unique sense of identity and purpose.

ReminderBand® works with a number of organizations, charities, foundations and businesses to create unique custom silicone wristbands for promotional and awareness purposes.

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