Awareness Bracelets

Silicone Bracelets: Manufacturing and Design Process

Silicone is found in a wide range of products, from kitchen baking products and industrial materials to jewelry. This extremely versatile product has recently shown to be a popular commodity in the jewelry market, as silicone-based accessories are the latest fashion trend for youngsters, tweens, teenagers and adults.

This fashionable uptrend towards inexpensive accessories has catapulted silicone companies and manufacturers, giving them a very profitable revenue stream.

Why is silicone jewelry so popular in today’s fashion-driven world?

  • First, silicone jewelry is easy to customize, allowing people to be individualistic or simply join on board to promote a current cause for the betterment of humankind.
  • Second, silicone jewelry offers a very simple and extremely efficient molding process. This process in turn produces large quantities, allowing for minimal costs with high production yields.
  • Third, silicone jewelry can easily be customized by color, size and with personal messages.

Silicone bands are made from bonded polymer, which has elastomeric qualities. These qualities contribute to silicone being water resistant and extremely flexible. Ironically, silicone was created to provide an insulation material, since it is also heat resistant, but unfortunately it is susceptible to UV exposure deterioration.

Silicone is made into strips that vary in thickness. These are then compressed into a mold that makes the familiar bracelet shape. Silicone is usually dyed in the pre-molding stage, but most companies, such as Reminderband® have an extensive stock of pre-made colors available. As silicone is highly elastic, most bracelets can stretch over any wrist; however, Reminderband® sells three sizes: child, medium and large.

The popularity of the silicone wristband allows companies to create customizable wristbands and messages. Essentially a “make your own wristband” technique, this allows companies to use unique phrases, colors and styles to promote awareness bracelets or charity bands.

Reminderband® carries 24 colors in stock; however in quantities that exceed 200, custom colors are available. They also offer debossing, which is the opposite of embossing, setting a phrase into the silicone instead of having it be raised on top. They also have multi-color fundraiser bracelets and allow customers to include their own unique, custom artwork. Working in quantities as few as one to as many as 10,000, Reminderband® is up for any size of job. Striving to turn one-time customers into long-term clients, they specialize in working one on one with customers, guaranteeing satisfaction and providing the highest quality customer service.

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