Awareness Bracelets

Popular Silicone Bracelet Colors and Causes

Reminderband® makes custom silicone wristbands from 100-percent silicone materials, designed for extended durability and a long-lasting lifespan. Specializing in creating awareness bracelets, Reminderband® works with a number of charities and organizations to design custom wristbands for events, promotions and awareness causes.

Some of the following colors are used for silicone bracelets, denoting certain awareness campaigns. These include:

  • Black – This signifies Amish Support Awareness, Gang Prevention Awareness, Accident Awareness, Anti-Terrorism Awareness, Gun Control awareness, Mourning Awareness, Melanoma Awareness, Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Awareness, Narcolepsy Awareness, Sleep Disorders Awareness, Sleep Apnea Awareness, Trauma Awareness and Students for Gun Control Awareness.
  • Dark Blue –Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein Barr Virus Awareness, Child Abuse Prevention, Colon Cancer Awareness, Reye’s Syndrome Awareness, Crohn’s Disease Awareness and Huntington’s Disease Awareness.
  • Light Blue – Spay and/or Neuter Pets Awareness, Scleroderma Awareness, Pro Choice Awareness, Thyroid Disease Awareness and Prostate Cancer Awareness.
  • Blue and Yellow Multi-Color – Designated Driver Awareness and Down Syndrome Awareness.
  • Burgundy – Adhesions Awareness, AV Malformation Awareness, Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome Awareness, Brain Aneurysm Awareness, Cystic Hygroma Awareness, Cesarean Section Awareness, headaches Awareness, Disabled Adults Awareness, Factor V. Leiden Awareness, Hereditary Hemochromatosis Awareness, Lymphatic Malformation Awareness, Meningitis Awareness, Post-Polio Syndrome Awareness, Sickle Cell Anemia Awareness and William’s Syndrome Awareness.
  • Gold – COPD Awareness and Childhood Cancer Awareness.
  • Gray – Brain Cancer Awareness, Asthma Awareness and Diabetes Awareness.
  • Green – Literacy Awareness, Organ Donation Awareness, Mental Illness Awareness, Mental Retardation Awareness, Stem Cell Research Awareness, Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness and Cerebral Palsy Awareness.
  • Lime Green – Lymphoma Awareness, Lyme Disease Awareness and Muscular Dystrophy Awareness.
  • Orange – Leukemia Awareness, Hunger Awareness, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness, Lupus Awareness, Racial Tolerance Awareness and Skin Care Awareness.
  • Pink – Birth Parents Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness and Nursing Mothers Awareness
  • Pink and Blue Multi-Color – Male Breast Cancer Awareness, Birth Defects Awareness, Premature Birth Awareness, Pregnancy Loss Awareness, SIDS Awareness.
  • Purple – Victims of 9/11, World Trade Center Awareness, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, Cystic Fibrosis Awareness, Lupus Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness and Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness.
  • Red – Heart Disease Awareness, DARE Awareness, AIDS Awareness, MADD Awareness, Hemophilia Awareness and Hypertension Awareness.
  • Puzzle – Autism Awareness.
  • Teal – Food Allergies Awareness, Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness, Substance Abuse Awareness, Sexual Assault Awareness and Ovarian Cancer Awareness.
  • White – Holocaust Remembrance Awareness, Bone Cancer Awareness, Osteoporosis Awareness, Anti-War Awareness, Right to Life Awareness and Scoliosis Awareness.
  • Yellow – Suicide Awareness, Troop and Military Support Awareness, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Awareness, Adoptive Parents Awareness, Missing Children Awareness, POW and MIA Awareness and Liver Cancer Awareness.

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