Remembering KC Nordick

Tragedy can strike even the youngest and most vibrant lives. At Reminderband we strive to honor those who have been lost or suffered unfathomable pain by sharing their message and representing their families and supporters. This week we would love to highlight KC Nordick, a young man who lost his life to a battle with cancer and who will forever light the lives of those he touched.

On May 2nd 2011, a rare form of colorectal cancer returned KC “Butterz” Nordick to his Heavenly Father. Nordick’s battle began when they found his rare disease; it was already in stage 3. KC’s colon was removed and for six grueling months he faced chemotherapy. He went through treatment at the Cache Valley Cancer Center. KC’s father Paul Garr describes the nurses at the center as going “way far out of their way” to ensure KC was comfortable and taken care of. Garr says the doctors and nurses were beyond amazing in helping KC fight.

After this treatment it was thought they had removed all the cancer and Nordick began his life again, working full time and earning an associate’s degree at Utah State University in science. Then the cancer hit again, and after eight months of chemotherapy KC and his family made the decision for him to “be normal” in his last days.

KC has been an inspiration in the community and to his family and friends. His legacy will live on in those who he met. The message we have created to represent KC is a cancer bracelet orĀ wristband which reads “Because I Can” and “Never Give Up”. Those fighting any form of cancer are among the toughest members of our society and we are honored for the chance to help them represent their tremendous battle.

For more information on KC read here.

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