Remembering Madison & Caroline

Every year in the United States there are around 1,500 child homicide cases; 1,500 too many. The stories tear at our hearts and raise our awareness. One such stories recently came to our attention here at Reminderband. It is the story of Madison and Caroline; two adorable twins murdered by their father. Below is their story, in their mother’s words. Here at Reminderband we seek to raise awareness to stories like their’s by sharing their message.

I separated from Madison and Caroline’s father in September of 2011.  This was prompted by very odd behaviors that he was displaying.  He was extremely controlling, demeaning and verbally abusive towards me but never to the children.  He also had a hug shoplifting addiction.  I moved myself, the girls and my 14 year old son from a previous marriage into my mother’s house.  We both had lawyers and were going to court over custody.  The girls were appointed a guardien ad litem and both of us were going to have a mandatory psychological evaluation.  This did not come soon enough however.  His behavior began to escalate as he continued to text me constantly during the day and try to keep me from seeing the girls.  I had them Monday through Friday and he had them on the weekends.  This was put into written agreement drawn up by our lawyers. 

 Their father picked the girls up Friday morning,  January 27th.  He walked in the door and gave me a big hug……apologizing for something he had said to me earlier in the week.  Another odd behavior…….showing affection towards me after being extremely hateful.  This was the last time I saw Madison and Caroline.

 I called the girls every Saturday morning to check on them after I got to work.  On the 28th I was unable to reach them by phone.  I left directly from work and headed to the house.  There I found my daughters and their father.  All three had been dead for over 12 hours.  He had channeled carbon monoxide into their bedroom using air conditioning duct work attatched to the tail pipe of his minivan and then put them to bed.  He then slit the girls’ throats and his own.  It was horrific……an image that will never leave my mind. 

‘I don’t know if there’s any training that can prepare you for an incident of this sort.’ Said Sgt Chris Whitely, Hanover Police. (Read more).

Hearing a story of this magnitude is never easy or pleasant. The girls mother seeks to share their story to hopefully save a child in the future. If anyone reading has questions or comments feel free to leave them on this post.

Facebook Group for Madison & Caroline

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<3<3 Such a sad event Kristina we are here for you and your family.Such beautiful baby girls . This man was evil to the bone , and I am so sorry for your loss. Love ya !! Kathy

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