Featured Athlete: Dee Dee Trotter, Olympic Bronze Medalist

A beauty, an Olympian and an inspiration. Dee Dee Trotter was born in California and after finding a passion in track and field she brought her golden-state roots to the 4×4 m relay to Athens for the Olympics in 2004. Beyond her athletic ability is beauty, In June 2011 DeeDee signed with Wilhelmina New York under the “W Fitness Division”. If beauty and athleticism isn’t enough you can find Trotter behind the amazing organization “Test Me, I’m Clean”. “Test Me, I’m Clean” is a  charity dedicated to battling the abuse of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. Trotter told us that, “. . . in track and field we are all striving to make a living, a lot of us work part time jobs and athletes doping takes away our chance to provide a life for ourselves.”

“Test Me, I’m Clean” seeks to teach Hard Work, Honor and Honesty. Three H’s that all athletes can live by to become their very best. This year Trotter is doing something amazing, competing in the 2012 London Olympics. Finishing 3rd and earning a bronze medal for the U.S. has brought new attention to the campaign and surely inspired athletes everywhere to train and compete clean.

Trotter wears a “Test Me, I’m Clean” wristband to bring awareness to her cause.

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