Remembering Rebecca: An Aurora Angel

On July 20, 2012 a real life nightmare unfolded in a Aurora, Colorado cinema. 58 people were wounded and 12 killed that night; all remembered by there families, friends and the world. Rebecca was among the 12 who lost their lives unjustly; one of her life long best friends, Carmen, told us that Rebecca,  “. . . never met a stranger, she knew no race and no gender.” Her kindness and acceptance made her truly one of a kind. Rebecca was a single mother of two girls who were 5 and 9. Friends say her light emanates in them and they were her number one priority. “She puts everyone in front of herself but above all her girls.”

“We called her our bright light,” Carmen said while lost in thought about Rebecca.

Rebecca was one of a kind, fluent in Mandarin, she served in the U.S. Armed Forces as a translator while raising her daughters and putting herself through school to become a social worker. Her dream? To help troubled teens. Her legacy was selfless, throughout her life she hosted six foreign exchange students and brought home stray animals needing love. Friends hope that Rebecca’s death can leave behind a story that brings more love to the world. After her funeral friends and family gathered at her favorite pub to have a “Cheers!” for her life, a moment that Carmen described as “A celebrating, not a mourning, of her amazing life.”

A memorial will be held in Texas for Rebecca’s friends and family on August 18th (date subject to change).

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Becky was a beautiful soul and I want to Thank y’all for sharing her story…. She was truely one of a kind…. I hope in our Loss of her, we can gain something ” SHOW LOVE” from this…. R.I.P my sweet friend. You are etched in my heart forever..

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