Awareness Bracelets

The Power behind the Wristband

This article explains how silicone wristbands has helped raise money for a cause. It is a simple and inexpensive way to raise money.

This touching story should not be ad missed in the world. It carries a character that we should all strive for, one with hope, honor, and the gratitude for each and every one of our lives.

A young Aussie boy lost his life saving his brother in the tragic QLD Floods in Australia. Jordan, his younger brother and mom sat on top of the car while the flood began to be more devastating.  Jordan told the trucker who was about to rescue him first said “Take my little brother first.” As the trucker carried the little boy to safety he went back to rescue the two others. During his return the safety rope snapped and it was too late as Jordan and his mom swept away due to the constant stream of the flood. It breaks our hearts to hear that such things happen and our only hopes can be that we must draw closer to our families and friends and take advantage of what life means to us.

One Mosman resident is one of those great examples in showing what these kinds of situations mean to her. As this story touched her heart deeply she decided to dedicate an idea of love to those who are in need by raising money. It wasn’t the typical way of raising money but in return wanted to give you a reminder of what you have done; what your cause means to her and the family.

Landy Randall created black silicone wristbands that have the words written “Jordan Rice Little Aussie Hero QLD Floods 2011”. They are selling the bands for $3 to raise money for the life lost in the flood.

What Difference Can You Make?

It doesn’t take much to help others out. Maybe an idea and then some work is all you need to make a difference to family, friends and the community.

Most people are grateful for the small things in life. It has become something that has been quite the trend due to the major factor in using silicone wristbands. They serve more of a purpose than just a fashion statement but a sense of belonging. Wristbands are important just as it was in the past, people from religious backgrounds would tie something around there arms or heads that would have a message written. This message would be a reminder in what they were working on or trying to do better in. In a way we also use wristbands as a reminder in what needs to be remembered and we wear it on our hand where we can see it all day.

Promotional bands are a great way to send a message to set a trend that can be motivational; that gives a reminder to us of what we can do better in. It works, so far Landy Randall has sold over 1800 wristbands for the benefit of the Rice Family.

Would you like to make your own bracelet? Now due to new technology it is quite easy to manufacture silicone wristbands; they are affordable and have great durability in almost any activity. You can make custom wristbands with different colors, size of the band, and the phrase you want it to say. Depending on your preference the letters can be embossed, debossed, or even has normal letters on it.

Charity bands have been a great hit for all ages. Because everyone wants to get involve and be part of the community. Children love collecting wristbands it shows all the things that they promote and another plus is they can actually afford to be part of it.