Awareness Bracelets

Silicone Wristbands for a Cause

This article gives those that want to raise money for a cause by using wristbands. They are an effective and inexpensive option for raising funds. Many have received the benefits of selling them and spreading their cause.

Fashion is a great way to raise money. Many organizations have discovered this by selling custom silicone wristbands that sport a selected message. With a variety of colors and designs, friends and supporters can support an organization’s cause while making a strong fashion statement. Wristbands can be pretty popular, not just with the youth, but also for all age groups.

The beginnings

Silicone wristbands were first popularized by the Lance Armstrong Foundation as part of their cancer awareness campaign. The wristbands hit it off in a really big way… and the rest, you can say, is history. Many charities, foundations and even business have jumped into the bandwagon and have used silicone wristbands as part of their fund-raising, awareness and business campaigns.

The Perfect Fundraiser

Silicone wristbands are a perfect fundraiser since it provides great value for money and is eye-catching and can easily be customizable in design. It is catchy yet durable. You can also customize the length of the wristbands to fit your intended market.

Any organization, big or small, (schools, churches, organizations and small groups) can order these custom wristbands online at affordable prices. Of course, the higher the volume of orders, the cheaper the unit cost will be for the items. And, because of the popularity of the items, organizations can sell the wristbands for a dollar, but some can sell these for as high as five or even ten dollars. The more the organization sells the more money it can raise for its cause.

Adults are more than willing to shell out those few dollars – it’s for a cause, after all. And young people are more than eager to wear them because they are colorful. In fact, some have taken to wearing three or more of the same wristbands, or mixing it up by wearing wristbands from different foundations.

Spreading Awareness

More than just a fundraiser, silicone wristbands are effective ways to promote a cause. They are really great movable advertising and awareness mediums. You can emblazon your message on the wristband and your supporters can wear both a fashion statement and a statement of opinion. They can wear them to school, to church or just about everywhere – places where there are a lot of people to see them.

As people get attracted to these colorful awareness bracelets, they also get to see the messages in them. Thus, more and more people are informed about your organization as more and more people buy and wear them.

The key is in having a catchy message. People will see this, get curious and ask the wearer what it’s all about. Then the wearer can explain the message and the organization behind it and may even be able to encourage the person asking to wear one as well. Many people have been inspired and encouraged by the messages in these wristbands. And many people will know about your cause.

The awareness wristbands can continue to do its work even after the fund-raising campaign is over. Supporters can continue to wear it even when the campaign ends. This can still generate enough curiosity that someone can go to the Internet and look your website up. This can lead to more donations given to the organization.

The wristband is, indeed, a simple yet highly effective tool organizations can use. Wear it, believe it, love it!