Awareness Bracelets

Fight Bullying by Raising Awareness

This article gives people an idea of how serious bullying has gotten in schools. It’s become a big issue and kids and teens are no longer putting up with it. They are using wristbands to stand up for themselves.

Boo to bullying! Many children have been victimized and traumatized by yard school bullies or on online social networking sites. Think of grade-school meanies that terrorize the playground and gang up on some of their schoolmates. Think of internet denizens who write nasty e-mails or post malicious text or pictures for the online world to see.

Bullying, in some cases, is not severe. However, the wounds inflicted by bullying can still be painful – both physically and psychologically. It can result in scars that the child can carry even up to adulthood. Blessedly, some survive and grow up to be stronger individuals. But there are some cases that are bad enough that it can end in teen suicides.

Because of this, bullying has caught the attention of school authorities and parents since the school is the place where bullying is rampant. Rules have been set to prevent bullying. Students are also more vigilant about preventing this from happening.

Yes, schools have taken action. But more work has to be done to win the fight against bullying – by raising awareness.

Aptos Junior High School is one school that has been actively campaigning against bullying. Here, students can sport rainbow silicone wristbands that are aimed to raise awareness. These rubber wristbands are inscribed with an anti-bullying pledge. This project was taken up by Gay Straight Alliance at the junior high.


The issue, the Gay Straight Alliance states, is not just about sexual orientation. Although those who are homosexual or bisexual are the most common victims of bullying, they are not alone. There are still others who fall prey to this menace. The alliance wants to put a stop to this threat.

However, the underlying principle on this campaign is respect – the belief that everyone – regardless of race, background, sexual orientation and religion – are worthy of respect and fair treatment.

The campaign is, we can confidently say, a success. Since the Alliance launched this campaign, they have already sold close to 250 silicone bracelets. The fact that many wristbands are sold in one school alone shows that people (especially students) are also concerned about putting a stop to bullying.

And the news of its success has reached other schools – who also want to start this campaign. They also want to fight bullying in their school and sell these wristbands. And we say, the more, the merrier! The proceeds of the campaign will go to Trevor Project, an organization that is committed towards preventing suicides (especially those caused by bullying).

Kudos to the Aptos Junior High Gray Straight Alliance for taking that step towards eradicating bullying. With the simple strategy of selling these custom wristbands, they have made it into an effective and noteworthy project that has caught the attention of many.

Custom wristbands can be a simple (yet attractive and fashionable) way to express your opinion and raise awareness. It is also a great way to raise funds for your charity. Show support to your cause and make a stand with custom wristbands!