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Hologram Wristbands: Fact or Fiction?

This article talks a little more about hologram wristbands and why people are wearing them. Are they really doing what they were created to do? Why have they become so popular? These are questions that this article may help answer.

Have you heard about the latest fad in wristbands? You may have heard about hologram wristbands, an accessory that is more than a fashion statement. Hologram wristbands are custom wristbands that claim amazing health benefits, some almost too good to be true. It has grown popular so that it has created a buzz. Believers swear by it. Skeptics keep on questioning it.

How do Hologram Wristbands Work?

Hologram wristbands are said to work because of energy force. According to companies that market these wristbands, all living things essentially have their own energy force or energy field. Similar to radio stations, our body has its own frequency. When the frequency is awry or there is a mix up, the sound quality is awful.

The same thing happens to our bodies. When our frequencies are mixed up and unbalanced, it will also have a negative effect on our health. But when the frequencies or energy forces are balanced, your body is in tune and able to work at its maximum potential. This goes for one’s concentration, blood circulation, balance and flexibility.

Now, where do hologram wristbands come in? They are said to work by balancing the energy force or frequencies of the body. These wristbands have built-in holograms that are said to be the primary tool for balancing one’s energy force.

The hologram wristbands are also called ion bracelets. This is how they are able to work their “magic”. They enable ion exchange. You see, living beings have two kinds of ions – positive and negative. The hologram wristbands work to balance these ions.

When worn, the hologram custom bracelets help the body perform at its best. That is why the wristbands are also called performance technology devices. Everyone can benefit by it but these are popular with athletes who are concerned about gaining more muscle and performing with an edge above the rest and being at the top of their game.

The holographic disc is embedded on the wristband and is believed to weave its magic to ensure that people maximize their level of activity and also enjoy a better quality of life. These wristbands are usually made with silicone and come with a variety of colors – to match your wardrobe.

Will these truly work? Some still remain unconvinced. Although the silicone wristbands have gained a lot of popularity lately, there still are some skeptics. Some of these skeptics believe that the wristbands are just a fad, something that will fade away with time. Magic? Or just a product of positive thinking? It’s up to you to decide.