Wristband Ideas

Customizing Your Very Own Reminderband

This article helps you to know the different options that are available to make your reminderband/wristband the way you would like it. How to customize the color, font, and phrase to fit the specific reason.

Most people can easily remember how the custom wristband craze first began. Lance Armstrong and Nike inadvertently created a whole new fashion statement, fundraiser, and identity maker when they launched the yellow ‘LIVESTRONG” wristbands. These silicone bands quickly became far more than just a fad when organizations from around the world began to use them in order to raise awareness, memory, or to show support of their favorite causes, loved ones, or teams.

But in order to make these wristbands such a huge part of the public’s wardrobe, they had to be customized. With all of the different causes, teams, and charities people wanted to be associate with, it was necessary to make your own phrases and logos on the wristbands to make them unique. And with all of the different artistic tastes that customers were sure to have, these bands also had to be available in many different colors. Multi-color bands and marbleized bands were also a big hit.

The 100% silicone wristbands can be engraved with your favorite saying, quote, or any phrase you choose. This process is known as “debossing”. The letters are not simply printed on the bracelet but are molded into it. The debossed wristband are stronger and more durable than any of the other rubber wristband versions. Debossed bands also come in a variety of colors.

There are thirty two colors to choose from for your wristband on  However, if you need to match any color exactly or want to use another color which is not offered, that is also possible. Some of the standard colors are cardinal red, pink, hot pink, yellow, green, lime green, purple, light blue, maroon, neon green, solar flare, desert sand, silver, and glow in the dark. You can also choose from marbleizing, red, white and blue stripes, desert camo, blue stripes, black stripes, or red stripes. The debossing is a bit harder to see on the neon green, or glow in the dark bands, so color fill is advised.

Color fill is when you choose a separate color for the lettering. This will really make those letters stand out! The phrase and or logo of your choice is debossed into the custom wristband and then another color of silicone is molded into to letter’s imprints. This process is much more durable and longer lasting than bracelets in which the letters and logos are simply printed on.

Different fonts are also available for logos and if there is a certain type of font or artwork which you wish to use with your Reminderband, that is also possible. Although you can only choose 25 characters per phrase when you order, it is possible to add as many characters and letters as you wish by simply calling a customer service representative to help you. They can go over the many ways that the reminder bands can have numerous letters and artwork, including a method called “wrapping”. This means that you have two lines of debossing instead of one.

So it is quite simple to order your custom bands in any color, with as many letters and characters as you wish. You can even mix colors, and have unlimited lettering on the bracelets when you call and explain exactly what you are looking for. These bands come in three different sizes, and can be ordered in various sizes per order, so it is easy to meets the needs of any organization, cause, team, church, or individual. Competitively priced, most of these customizations are free of charge, with others boasting very low prices.