Who's Wearing Wristbands?

Power Balance Bracelets

What are power balance bracelets?

Have you ever seen a power balance bracelet? How it came about? It is said that it was created by athletes for better performance. According to the makers it is said that its technology is revolutionary. The technology comes from an old remedy that was used thousands of years ago.

This remedy was used for the wellness of others, which are rocks, minerals, crystals, and plants. They relate the metal that is in the bracelet to the kinesiology used for foods and how they react positively to the body.

The promotion of this idea or persuading people to think that it works is not a 100% concrete. All-in-all according to the natural elements in the bracelet it is supposed to create better performance in strength, flexibility, and balance.

The purpose of the power balance is to bring the best performance out of each person due to natural elements that are combined by technological advancements. Let’s say the purchase can’t hurt you. For if one thinks positive, he gets positive results.

Who doesn’t want anything positive in their life?

By changing the way you think will also help the way you perform. An important item is depended on its value and if you’re willing to pay for its value then it makes it important.  If it is important then it has outer beneficial purposes; just as the promotional bands, power bracelet has done for individuals that believe in its value.

What does frequency have to do with its power?

The holograms are composed of Mylar/polyester film that is used for movies, pictures, music and other forms of media. Hologram is composed of complex surface area that requires much data in a certain minimal area.

As it is complex in the nature of the element resonates at a certain frequency, it can come in contact with our bodies that also resonate with a frequency. These energies of positive reinforcement for your body are duplicated into having a positive energy field.

To be honest the bracelets look really cool and who wouldn’t want to have some custom wristbands that give you positive reinforcement. We must have some kind of luck that will give us extra energy to be happy to feel great about our performance and so forth.

There are many great things about the power balance bracelets, where you can make your own bracelet for an affordable price. The best way to get some power balance wristbands is to order them in packages and will cost cheaper than individually. Usually people use them for charity bands, which is a great way to have a fundraiser or to promote a certain group.

Wristband Ideas

Silicone Wristbands Are More Than a Fashion Statement

There is something catching on to wearing a wristband around your wrist; so what is it?

This trend has caught the eye of everyone, whether it is little children, teenagers or adults; we have seen all ages wearing wristbands. The wristbands have come a long way from being used to remember an event, cause or loved one. Today you will see so many different varieties of wristbands being worn.

There are certainly different styles of wristbands that have different colors, sizes and print styles. This accessory is inexpensive and easy to put on and has become a pretty attractive item to wear. Silicone wristbands can be a way to start a conversation, a way to express your style or spread the word on the story behind the wristband.

People have used wristbands as promotional bands, for promoting a business, a favorite team, diseases, incidents and much more. Wearing a wristband is more than just a fashion statement it is your support and idea of helping out your community. Showing that you help your community by wearing a custom wristband is a way of telling that you have contributed to a certain need or fund.

What makes it so attractive?

You can make your own bracelet or wristband by coming up with different kind of styles depending on your preference. Customizing your own wristband is really simple. It gives you the option to design the wristband the way you want by choosing the colors, phrase and style. It also gives you the opportunity to make your wristband unique.

Whether you’re making custom bands or charity bands, you want to make it a fashion statement, something that catches the eye of others so you can promote what you’re wearing. It has to be something that others want to wear and soon it will catch on and will be contagious. So remember to figure out what kind of colors you want to put on it; because colors all have different meanings. Red can mean love or power, blue can mean peace and etc… Also the size of the band can also help with the label put on it.  The bigger the size of the band the easier it can be to see what you’re supporting.

Customize your own band by adding a message that you can use to inform, educate, and promote. What makes this fashion so great is that the product is durable and can be affordable to all; you can where these during various activities such as swimming, soccer, football. They are quite practical for its use and the more you order the cheaper it is.

Want To Promote Something on a Low Budget?

They can provide various purposes; they can carry slogans, messages that are used for fund raising, team events, and group activities. Silicone wristbands provide a perfect way to raise funds and raise awareness in the community with a low cost to provide a logo on the wristband.

At, they show you how you can customize your band. The types of prints are embossed, debossed, and print; where embossed is where the letters are lifted up and debossed is the opposite where it is engraved in the band. And print is the normal way of laying out letters. Depending on what you wish or your preference you can order custom wristbands that you have made. They are easy to make and quick to deliver, so don’t miss out on making your idea known.

Awareness Bracelets

Use the Silicone Wristband to its Full Potential

Wristbands have become a form of identity to those who have worn them. It has a multi-functional purpose and can be worn to raise money, raise awareness, used in place of a ticket stub or even just for fun. For many years the wrist is part of a fashion that shows meaning behind just the pure authenticity of an accessory to your clothes.

People before the Roman days used to wear wristbands that had messages tied either to their wrist or forehead to remind them of something constantly throughout the day. Later the messages were written on cuffs and were also introduced to show power or place protection on the wrist so the hand could be used for work.

Now we use sweatbands to stop sweat from delaying or irritate our performance as athletes. Another trend that has been useful for everyone is wristwatches; to tell the time and to help us be somewhere at the right time.

So if you think that it’s just a fashion and that it might die down, you might want to consider the history and the functionality of wristbands. As you go through your day try to see how many people have worn some form of wristbands. Many people use those items to help with their daily needs.

What can I use it for?

Silicone wristbands or bracelets as some call them can be used for:

  • A school sport
  • A ticket to get into a concert or sports event
  • Raising Funds
  • Raising Awareness
  • In Memory of a loved one
  • Promoting a business
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Supporting the community

Use It For A Good Cause!

Charity bands are a great motivator for people to donate to a good cause. Silicone wristbands raise awareness in the community at a low cost and that provide a tool in which you can carry a message, slogan to help any kind of event. Rubber wristbands are a simple and inexpensive way to help raise money.

Depending on your preference you can customize the letter and size of the wristband fitting to your needs and don’t forget to choose a color that is just as important. At, we don’t want you to miss out on making your idea known, therefore they make it easy to customize your own wristband and quickly deliver it to you so you don’t waste any time.

Awareness Bracelets

The Power behind the Wristband

This touching story should not be ad missed in the world. It carries a character that we should all strive for, one with hope, honor, and the gratitude for each and every one of our lives.

A young Aussie boy lost his life saving his brother in the tragic QLD Floods in Australia. Jordan, his younger brother and mom sat on top of the car while the flood began to be more devastating.  Jordan told the trucker who was about to rescue him first said “Take my little brother first.” As the trucker carried the little boy to safety he went back to rescue the two others. During his return the safety rope snapped and it was too late as Jordan and his mom swept away due to the constant stream of the flood. It breaks our hearts to hear that such things happen and our only hopes can be that we must draw closer to our families and friends and take advantage of what life means to us.

One Mosman resident is one of those great examples in showing what these kinds of situations mean to her. As this story touched her heart deeply she decided to dedicate an idea of love to those who are in need by raising money. It wasn’t the typical way of raising money but in return wanted to give you a reminder of what you have done; what your cause means to her and the family.

Landy Randall created black silicone wristbands that have the words written “Jordan Rice Little Aussie Hero QLD Floods 2011”. They are selling the bands for $3 to raise money for the life lost in the flood.

What Difference Can You Make?

It doesn’t take much to help others out. Maybe an idea and then some work is all you need to make a difference to family, friends and the community.

Most people are grateful for the small things in life. It has become something that has been quite the trend due to the major factor in using silicone wristbands. They serve more of a purpose than just a fashion statement but a sense of belonging. Wristbands are important just as it was in the past, people from religious backgrounds would tie something around there arms or heads that would have a message written. This message would be a reminder in what they were working on or trying to do better in. In a way we also use wristbands as a reminder in what needs to be remembered and we wear it on our hand where we can see it all day.

Promotional bands are a great way to send a message to set a trend that can be motivational; that gives a reminder to us of what we can do better in. It works, so far Landy Randall has sold over 1800 wristbands for the benefit of the Rice Family.

Would you like to make your own bracelet? Now due to new technology it is quite easy to manufacture silicone wristbands; they are affordable and have great durability in almost any activity. You can make custom wristbands with different colors, size of the band, and the phrase you want it to say. Depending on your preference the letters can be embossed, debossed, or even has normal letters on it.

Charity bands have been a great hit for all ages. Because everyone wants to get involve and be part of the community. Children love collecting wristbands it shows all the things that they promote and another plus is they can actually afford to be part of it.

Awareness Bracelets

Silicone Wristbands for a Cause

Fashion is a great way to raise money. Many organizations have discovered this by selling custom silicone wristbands that sport a selected message. With a variety of colors and designs, friends and supporters can support an organization’s cause while making a strong fashion statement. Wristbands can be pretty popular, not just with the youth, but also for all age groups.

The beginnings

Silicone wristbands were first popularized by the Lance Armstrong Foundation as part of their cancer awareness campaign. The wristbands hit it off in a really big way… and the rest, you can say, is history. Many charities, foundations and even business have jumped into the bandwagon and have used silicone wristbands as part of their fund-raising, awareness and business campaigns.

The Perfect Fundraiser

Silicone wristbands are a perfect fundraiser since it provides great value for money and is eye-catching and can easily be customizable in design. It is catchy yet durable. You can also customize the length of the wristbands to fit your intended market.

Any organization, big or small, (schools, churches, organizations and small groups) can order these custom wristbands online at affordable prices. Of course, the higher the volume of orders, the cheaper the unit cost will be for the items. And, because of the popularity of the items, organizations can sell the wristbands for a dollar, but some can sell these for as high as five or even ten dollars. The more the organization sells the more money it can raise for its cause.

Adults are more than willing to shell out those few dollars – it’s for a cause, after all. And young people are more than eager to wear them because they are colorful. In fact, some have taken to wearing three or more of the same wristbands, or mixing it up by wearing wristbands from different foundations.

Spreading Awareness

More than just a fundraiser, silicone wristbands are effective ways to promote a cause. They are really great movable advertising and awareness mediums. You can emblazon your message on the wristband and your supporters can wear both a fashion statement and a statement of opinion. They can wear them to school, to church or just about everywhere – places where there are a lot of people to see them.

As people get attracted to these colorful awareness bracelets, they also get to see the messages in them. Thus, more and more people are informed about your organization as more and more people buy and wear them.

The key is in having a catchy message. People will see this, get curious and ask the wearer what it’s all about. Then the wearer can explain the message and the organization behind it and may even be able to encourage the person asking to wear one as well. Many people have been inspired and encouraged by the messages in these wristbands. And many people will know about your cause.

The awareness wristbands can continue to do its work even after the fund-raising campaign is over. Supporters can continue to wear it even when the campaign ends. This can still generate enough curiosity that someone can go to the Internet and look your website up. This can lead to more donations given to the organization.

The wristband is, indeed, a simple yet highly effective tool organizations can use. Wear it, believe it, love it!

Awareness Bracelets

Fight Bullying by Raising Awareness

Boo to bullying! Many children have been victimized and traumatized by yard school bullies or on online social networking sites. Think of grade-school meanies that terrorize the playground and gang up on some of their schoolmates. Think of internet denizens who write nasty e-mails or post malicious text or pictures for the online world to see.

Bullying, in some cases, is not severe. However, the wounds inflicted by bullying can still be painful – both physically and psychologically. It can result in scars that the child can carry even up to adulthood. Blessedly, some survive and grow up to be stronger individuals. But there are some cases that are bad enough that it can end in teen suicides.

Because of this, bullying has caught the attention of school authorities and parents since the school is the place where bullying is rampant. Rules have been set to prevent bullying. Students are also more vigilant about preventing this from happening.

Yes, schools have taken action. But more work has to be done to win the fight against bullying – by raising awareness.

Aptos Junior High School is one school that has been actively campaigning against bullying. Here, students can sport rainbow silicone wristbands that are aimed to raise awareness. These rubber wristbands are inscribed with an anti-bullying pledge. This project was taken up by Gay Straight Alliance at the junior high.


The issue, the Gay Straight Alliance states, is not just about sexual orientation. Although those who are homosexual or bisexual are the most common victims of bullying, they are not alone. There are still others who fall prey to this menace. The alliance wants to put a stop to this threat.

However, the underlying principle on this campaign is respect – the belief that everyone – regardless of race, background, sexual orientation and religion – are worthy of respect and fair treatment.

The campaign is, we can confidently say, a success. Since the Alliance launched this campaign, they have already sold close to 250 silicone bracelets. The fact that many wristbands are sold in one school alone shows that people (especially students) are also concerned about putting a stop to bullying.

And the news of its success has reached other schools – who also want to start this campaign. They also want to fight bullying in their school and sell these wristbands. And we say, the more, the merrier! The proceeds of the campaign will go to Trevor Project, an organization that is committed towards preventing suicides (especially those caused by bullying).

Kudos to the Aptos Junior High Gray Straight Alliance for taking that step towards eradicating bullying. With the simple strategy of selling these custom wristbands, they have made it into an effective and noteworthy project that has caught the attention of many.

Custom wristbands can be a simple (yet attractive and fashionable) way to express your opinion and raise awareness. It is also a great way to raise funds for your charity. Show support to your cause and make a stand with custom wristbands!

Awareness Bracelets

Making a Strong Impact with Statement Wristbands

“I Heart boobies.”

How about wearing this statement as a wristband? This is what the Keep a Breast Foundation is trying to encourage woman (and men) to do. This message “I Heart boobies,” as well as other thought-provoking statements, is boldly emblazoned in highly colorful wristbands and breast cancer bracelets.

The Keep a Breast Foundation is an organization that aims to raise awareness and thus prevent breast cancer. The foundation works to expose young people to help them prevent or detect breast cancer early or to provide support to those who already have the dread disease. Armed with information, young people can be able to develop habits and make healthy choices so that they are healthy and breast-cancer free.

As part of their awareness campaign, the Keep a Breast Foundation is selling these silicone wristbands. They are highly popular with teenagers and pre-teens.

Wristbands and campaigns

The success of the Keep a Breast Foundation is just one of the examples of how useful awareness wristbands can be in promoting a belief or an opinion. Aside from the Keep a Breast Foundation Bands, other foundations have started using wristbands as a platform for them to promote their cause. It all started when the “live strong” bracelets was seen to be an effective platform to unite, inspire and empower others with a strong message. The wristbands are also fun and fashionable.

The Message

The popularity of wristbands may be attributed to the messages inscribed in them. For instance, the Keep a Breast wristbands are popular because of the controversial and playful word “boobies”.

Some young people like to wear these messages that may be racy just to push the limits – with the parents or the teachers, while others think that some of the messages are veering from the “playful” and irreverent to the highly inappropriate. For example, “boobies” may be considered sexual.

When asked, the Keep a Breast Foundation actually stated that the choice of the wording is deliberate. They are committed to connect with the youth and not just with adults, thus, a more youthful approach has been taken with the wristbands.

We can say that the foundation has been successful in connecting with the youth. For some, it’s not just a fashion accessory. It’s an actual statement. In fact, two middle school students from Pennsylvania were suspended for wearing the bracelets, or, more like, refusing to take them off. The school took offense at the message, believing that the silicone bracelets bear offensive language. Thus, it violated the school’s dress code. The students refused to take the bracelet off. Along with the suspension, the girls were also banned from attending school dances.

The event resulted in a court case, where the girls claimed that the school violated their rights, particularly their right to free speech (the First Amendment). The case has yet to be decided.

Getting the Message Across

The example just demonstrates the power of a strategic message, and the medium by which this message is taken across. Really, people can look up, get the message and listen. Customizable wristbands are fashion accessories with a purpose.

Wristband Ideas

Hologram Wristbands: Fact or Fiction?

Have you heard about the latest fad in wristbands? You may have heard about hologram wristbands, an accessory that is more than a fashion statement. Hologram wristbands are custom wristbands that claim amazing health benefits, some almost too good to be true. It has grown popular so that it has created a buzz. Believers swear by it. Skeptics keep on questioning it.

How do Hologram Wristbands Work?

Hologram wristbands are said to work because of energy force. According to companies that market these wristbands, all living things essentially have their own energy force or energy field. Similar to radio stations, our body has its own frequency. When the frequency is awry or there is a mix up, the sound quality is awful.

The same thing happens to our bodies. When our frequencies are mixed up and unbalanced, it will also have a negative effect on our health. But when the frequencies or energy forces are balanced, your body is in tune and able to work at its maximum potential. This goes for one’s concentration, blood circulation, balance and flexibility.

Now, where do hologram wristbands come in? They are said to work by balancing the energy force or frequencies of the body. These wristbands have built-in holograms that are said to be the primary tool for balancing one’s energy force.

The hologram wristbands are also called ion bracelets. This is how they are able to work their “magic”. They enable ion exchange. You see, living beings have two kinds of ions – positive and negative. The hologram wristbands work to balance these ions.

When worn, the hologram custom bracelets help the body perform at its best. That is why the wristbands are also called performance technology devices. Everyone can benefit by it but these are popular with athletes who are concerned about gaining more muscle and performing with an edge above the rest and being at the top of their game.

The holographic disc is embedded on the wristband and is believed to weave its magic to ensure that people maximize their level of activity and also enjoy a better quality of life. These wristbands are usually made with silicone and come with a variety of colors – to match your wardrobe.

Will these truly work? Some still remain unconvinced. Although the silicone wristbands have gained a lot of popularity lately, there still are some skeptics. Some of these skeptics believe that the wristbands are just a fad, something that will fade away with time. Magic? Or just a product of positive thinking? It’s up to you to decide.

Who's Wearing Wristbands?

Wristbands for Any Event

Wristband: An Inexpensive Alternative for Any Event, Cause, or Fundraiser

Everyone is wearing wristbands these days. From teenagers with a message, celebrities with a cause and to schools who want to share their school spirit. These colored rubber bracelets around the wrist can be seen almost everywhere you go and are used for all sorts of reasons in all kinds of situations. For causes, fundraisers and special events. They have replaced t-shirts, tickets, coupons, and many other more costly items to become a fashion statement of their own.

Many people have begun to wear them as charity bands, featuring a charity of their choice in the inscription. They are often purchased in large quantities to help raise awareness for the chosen charity, such as breast cancer awareness. With the slogan “Save the Tatas,” breast cancer bracelets replaced t-shirts in many areas, and helped raise thousands of dollars for the cause of breast cancer. The charity wrist bands are one of the most popular trends of this decade.

Another famous use for wristbands is to wipe out bullying. A middle school teacher came up with the idea, and it quickly went global. This year, thousands of students joined together during the week of November 19th which is National Anti-Bullying week in the UK. Those kids each wore colored rubber wristbands which were meant to show that they will give bullies the cold shoulder. Youngsters all over the world have been wearing their anti-bully bracelets with pride, and many of them will continue long after the week is over.

Cheap custom rubber wristbands were made popular by the Lance Armstrong Foundation when he brought out the yellow bands. These bracelets were released in May of 2004 as a fund raising effort to raise money for cancer research, to raise cancer awareness, and to encourage people to live their lives to the fullest. Lance Armstrong is a cyclist who has won the Tour de France seven times. He is also a cancer survivor. Over seventy million of these ‘LIVESTRONG’ bracelets have sold since the beginning.

Wristbands are also used in the place of tickets for admission to places such as air shows, amusement parks, carnivals, church and social events, concerts, bars, arenas, day care, hospitals, fairs and festivals, cinemas, nightclubs, raceways, roller rinks, sporting events, water parks, and many other places. These custom made wristbands are used for many different purposes, such as admissions, advertising, controlling crowds, age verification in bars, identification, in the place of coupons, tickets, and labels.

Wristbands have come a very long way since the yellow bands of Lance Armstrong. A wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, slogans, causes, uses, and purposes have sprung forth from the brain child of one man seeking to send a message. People from all walks of life wear these customizable wristbands proudly, bearing their message, or showing their identity. Whether to get back into a park, or to order drinks from a bar, these colorful bracelets seem here to stay.

Wristband Ideas

Customizing Your Very Own Reminderband

Most people can easily remember how the custom wristband craze first began. Lance Armstrong and Nike inadvertently created a whole new fashion statement, fundraiser, and identity maker when they launched the yellow ‘LIVESTRONG” wristbands. These silicone bands quickly became far more than just a fad when organizations from around the world began to use them in order to raise awareness, memory, or to show support of their favorite causes, loved ones, or teams.

But in order to make these wristbands such a huge part of the public’s wardrobe, they had to be customized. With all of the different causes, teams, and charities people wanted to be associate with, it was necessary to make your own phrases and logos on the wristbands to make them unique. And with all of the different artistic tastes that customers were sure to have, these bands also had to be available in many different colors. Multi-color bands and marbleized bands were also a big hit.

The 100% silicone wristbands can be engraved with your favorite saying, quote, or any phrase you choose. This process is known as “debossing”. The letters are not simply printed on the bracelet but are molded into it. The debossed wristband are stronger and more durable than any of the other rubber wristband versions. Debossed bands also come in a variety of colors.

There are thirty two colors to choose from for your wristband on  However, if you need to match any color exactly or want to use another color which is not offered, that is also possible. Some of the standard colors are cardinal red, pink, hot pink, yellow, green, lime green, purple, light blue, maroon, neon green, solar flare, desert sand, silver, and glow in the dark. You can also choose from marbleizing, red, white and blue stripes, desert camo, blue stripes, black stripes, or red stripes. The debossing is a bit harder to see on the neon green, or glow in the dark bands, so color fill is advised.

Color fill is when you choose a separate color for the lettering. This will really make those letters stand out! The phrase and or logo of your choice is debossed into the custom wristband and then another color of silicone is molded into to letter’s imprints. This process is much more durable and longer lasting than bracelets in which the letters and logos are simply printed on.

Different fonts are also available for logos and if there is a certain type of font or artwork which you wish to use with your Reminderband, that is also possible. Although you can only choose 25 characters per phrase when you order, it is possible to add as many characters and letters as you wish by simply calling a customer service representative to help you. They can go over the many ways that the reminder bands can have numerous letters and artwork, including a method called “wrapping”. This means that you have two lines of debossing instead of one.

So it is quite simple to order your custom bands in any color, with as many letters and characters as you wish. You can even mix colors, and have unlimited lettering on the bracelets when you call and explain exactly what you are looking for. These bands come in three different sizes, and can be ordered in various sizes per order, so it is easy to meets the needs of any organization, cause, team, church, or individual. Competitively priced, most of these customizations are free of charge, with others boasting very low prices.