Wristband Ideas

Wristband Quality Matters

This article will take a look at some of the attributes of high quality wristbands and why this matters. You will also get an idea of how the wristbands are produced and how the material matters.

If you have ever worn a poor quality wristband you certainly know that there is a big difference in quality and poor materials and workmanship in wristbands. Some of the lesser quality bands simply don’t have a long lifespan, while others are very uncomfortable or start to look bad after a short period of time.

Materials Matter

Rubber is very susceptible to cracking and tearing, many wristbands are made entirely of latex rubber. Heat, sunlight, water, detergents, perfumes, dry conditions all affect rubber. This means that when you were a wristband made of rubber it will invariably not last long as you would like it to. Allergy to latex rubber is a big problem to many people, whether it is synthetic or natural doesn’t better, they still cause issues for susceptible individuals.

When you wear wristbands made of 100 percent silicone you don’t have to worry about any of those issues. Silicone is non-allergy causing and very durable. It is the only choice for a silicone wristband that lasts and is wearable for everyone.

Production Quality Matters

Methods in production is another cause of quality failure. When there is a reduction in manufacturing quality, you get poor quality wristbands. Many companies simply contract their wristband production to manufacturers around the world, sometimes even using more than one factory. This can cause quality control problems leading to you getting a poorly made product. Thickness and design are important parts of a wristband that will do its job properly, look for ones that are thick and properly shaped.  Also, there are wristband companies who just paint on the logos and words you want, this is a problem to wristband longevity; cracking, peeling and chipping off of your special logos make it not only unsightly but unusable.

Look for company that has its own production team that they work closely with to ensure quality every step of the manufacturing process, leading to a top-quality wristband. The thickness and shape are guaranteed to be the same throughout your entire order and even reorders when you use such a company as Reminderbands. You will also find that there are methods used to ensure no peeling and such of your logos, proper color fill will make your wristband last beautifully.

The entire process of making a quality wristband, from the materials to the manufacturing is one that needs to be checked before buying your wristband. Buying top-quality can ensure your satisfaction with your product. We have looked into the quality issues, now you can know what to look for in wristbands. The people at Reminderbands can help with any order and fulfill the quality needs of your wristbands. You can pretty much make your own wristband.