Wristband Ideas

Use Wristbands Instead

This article explains how you can use wristbands for a variety of things. You can use them as a ticket to get into a event, for remembrance or for a fundraiser to raise money. Many have benefited from using wristbands for each of their cause.

Over the years many people have used things such as t-shirts or perhaps even photographs to keep as momentos from some event that they want to remember down the road. Well, if you have ever gone to a concert and not been able to buy a t-shirt or some such souvenir, you understand that there has to be a better alternative. There is a much cheaper and long lasting choice we will look at here. We will see how a silicone wristband can do the job of many other costly and breakable items.

Weddings – Bubbles in containers, small plastic trinkets, and other give aways from weddings generally don’t even last the trip home. Give your guests something that they can keep longer and that won’t be messy. Imagine the delight of being handed a custom made quality wristband that was made especially for you, the guest, from the newly married couple. It would show that there was thoughtful effort made to give their guest something non-messy that could be used again. The scenario would be particularly nice to see at your wedding anniversary party.

Event admittance – Easy way to keep the invited or already paid people separated from those who weren’t invited or haven’t paid yet. Slip a wristband in with the invitation or hand one out after payment is remitted. This option works well for concerts, informal dinners and other parties, special social events where strict control of admittance is desired.

For souvenirs – If you are giving a concert or performance of some sort, especially if it is for children, consider handing out or selling wristbands detailing your performance. Children aren’t likely going to be able to be buying t-shirts and other expensive items to commemorate your event. Giving the option of a fair priced item that they can keep for a very long time and even reuse is a great idea.

Getting noticed – If you are holding a special event for a charity and want to make certain to grab some attention, order your custom made wristbands and hand out before hand to make known your cause. This is a great way to have people remember to come to your event and to keep your cause in mind afterwards as they will more than likely continue to wear their wristband long after your event. This is a better alternative to flyers and tracts, they sometimes end up in trash cans and torn or crumpled before being read or passed along.

School party favors – Every parent of school aged children knows that after school parties there is an abundance of items that last only one day or that can actually be dangerous. An exciting alternative is for wristbands to be given as favors in goody bags. They can be colored and printed with special holiday colors and messages and will be worn for a long time, a great thrill for the children and cost effective for the ones in charge of ordering the favors. Wristbands are a win-win alternative here.

As you can see, there certainly are benefits to using awareness bracelets instead of many other items being used today for awareness and promotion. These are only a few examples but they give you an idea of why wristbands would be something to consider for your next event. See Reminderbands for awesome discount silicone wristbands for every purpose.