Wristband Ideas

50 Uses for Custom Wristbands

If you’re unsure of how custom wristbands have played their part here is the top 50 ways others have used them. There are a variety of ways Reminderbands can help with a group or for a specific cause.

Custom wristbands are a super handy and cost effective way to accomplish many goals. We will take a look here at some of these ways. has cheap custom rubber wristbands to suit your needs.

1. Business or church retreat members ID

2.  School fundraising

3.  School good behavior rewards

4.  Religious messages kept close to read often

5.  Evangelizing tool

6.  School president campaigning

7.  Diseases awareness

8.  Sport team support

9.  Business handouts with purchases

10. To show support for a patient or loved one going thru medical treatment or soldier

11. At reunions

12. Family gathering souvenirs

13.Wedding favors

14. Party favors

15. Military support

16. PTA / PTO uses

17. Church and school carnival prizes

18. Advertisement for events

19. Handouts for others who might like one

20. Halloween treats for trick-or-treaters

21. Stocking stuffers

22. To commemorate events such as marathons or other activities

23. For participants of events

24. Campaigning purposes for your chosen candidate

25. Candidate hand outs to promote votes

26. To honor the memory of a loved one

27. Company advertisement

28. Making a statement of your feelings or opinions

29. Showcase your group or band

30. Community support

31. Fashion accessory

32. Baby shower favors

33. Filler treat for filling mugs and such instead of candy

34. In place of business cards

35. Any event or organizational fundraising purpose

36. Helping to group people into orders at events

37. Helping to identify family members at large gatherings

38. To help celebrate holidays

39. Vacation bible school item

40. To hold logos of any kind

41. VIP pass instead of tickets

42. Identify yourself with a particular group or person

43. Motivational item

44. Advertising item

45. Anti-drug awareness item

46. Tool for DARE program and others

47. Help identify volunteers or other groups during disaster aid and such

48. Bible verse holder for spiritual comfort

49. Customizable for wedding party identification

50. Honoring someone

As you can see, there are many uses, but find some more and take advantage of this great tool that can do so much for so little. Go to today and see the results.