Wristband Ideas

Wristband Quality Matters

If you have ever worn a poor quality wristband you certainly know that there is a big difference in quality and poor materials and workmanship in wristbands. Some of the lesser quality bands simply don’t have a long lifespan, while others are very uncomfortable or start to look bad after a short period of time.

Materials Matter

Rubber is very susceptible to cracking and tearing, many wristbands are made entirely of latex rubber. Heat, sunlight, water, detergents, perfumes, dry conditions all affect rubber. This means that when you were a wristband made of rubber it will invariably not last long as you would like it to. Allergy to latex rubber is a big problem to many people, whether it is synthetic or natural doesn’t better, they still cause issues for susceptible individuals.

When you wear wristbands made of 100 percent silicone you don’t have to worry about any of those issues. Silicone is non-allergy causing and very durable. It is the only choice for a silicone wristband that lasts and is wearable for everyone.

Production Quality Matters

Methods in production is another cause of quality failure. When there is a reduction in manufacturing quality, you get poor quality wristbands. Many companies simply contract their wristband production to manufacturers around the world, sometimes even using more than one factory. This can cause quality control problems leading to you getting a poorly made product. Thickness and design are important parts of a wristband that will do its job properly, look for ones that are thick and properly shaped.  Also, there are wristband companies who just paint on the logos and words you want, this is a problem to wristband longevity; cracking, peeling and chipping off of your special logos make it not only unsightly but unusable.

Look for company that has its own production team that they work closely with to ensure quality every step of the manufacturing process, leading to a top-quality wristband. The thickness and shape are guaranteed to be the same throughout your entire order and even reorders when you use such a company as Reminderbands. You will also find that there are methods used to ensure no peeling and such of your logos, proper color fill will make your wristband last beautifully.

The entire process of making a quality wristband, from the materials to the manufacturing is one that needs to be checked before buying your wristband. Buying top-quality can ensure your satisfaction with your product. We have looked into the quality issues, now you can know what to look for in wristbands. The people at Reminderbands can help with any order and fulfill the quality needs of your wristbands. You can pretty much make your own wristband.

Wristband Ideas

Use Wristbands Instead

Over the years many people have used things such as t-shirts or perhaps even photographs to keep as momentos from some event that they want to remember down the road. Well, if you have ever gone to a concert and not been able to buy a t-shirt or some such souvenir, you understand that there has to be a better alternative. There is a much cheaper and long lasting choice we will look at here. We will see how a silicone wristband can do the job of many other costly and breakable items.

Weddings – Bubbles in containers, small plastic trinkets, and other give aways from weddings generally don’t even last the trip home. Give your guests something that they can keep longer and that won’t be messy. Imagine the delight of being handed a custom made quality wristband that was made especially for you, the guest, from the newly married couple. It would show that there was thoughtful effort made to give their guest something non-messy that could be used again. The scenario would be particularly nice to see at your wedding anniversary party.

Event admittance – Easy way to keep the invited or already paid people separated from those who weren’t invited or haven’t paid yet. Slip a wristband in with the invitation or hand one out after payment is remitted. This option works well for concerts, informal dinners and other parties, special social events where strict control of admittance is desired.

For souvenirs – If you are giving a concert or performance of some sort, especially if it is for children, consider handing out or selling wristbands detailing your performance. Children aren’t likely going to be able to be buying t-shirts and other expensive items to commemorate your event. Giving the option of a fair priced item that they can keep for a very long time and even reuse is a great idea.

Getting noticed – If you are holding a special event for a charity and want to make certain to grab some attention, order your custom made wristbands and hand out before hand to make known your cause. This is a great way to have people remember to come to your event and to keep your cause in mind afterwards as they will more than likely continue to wear their wristband long after your event. This is a better alternative to flyers and tracts, they sometimes end up in trash cans and torn or crumpled before being read or passed along.

School party favors – Every parent of school aged children knows that after school parties there is an abundance of items that last only one day or that can actually be dangerous. An exciting alternative is for wristbands to be given as favors in goody bags. They can be colored and printed with special holiday colors and messages and will be worn for a long time, a great thrill for the children and cost effective for the ones in charge of ordering the favors. Wristbands are a win-win alternative here.

As you can see, there certainly are benefits to using awareness bracelets instead of many other items being used today for awareness and promotion. These are only a few examples but they give you an idea of why wristbands would be something to consider for your next event. See Reminderbands for awesome discount silicone wristbands for every purpose.

Awareness Bracelets

Anyone Can Wear Wristbands

Rubberized wristbands became a popular statement for many causes after such celebrities as Madonna started wearing them in the 1980’s. As the decades rocked on, their popularity began to fade somewhat, then in early 2000, Nike decided to make them out of silicone. This caused a renewed interest as many NBA players were wearing them.

Silicone bands are used for a variety of purposes including, bringing awareness to causes whether social or personal. Nike and Lance Armstrong’s cancer foundation partnering up is an excellent example. Their silicone bands with LIVESTRONG written on them enabled his foundation to receive greater funding and recognition. Many groups, large and small are using these silicone bands for purposes such as fund raising and promoting popularity for causes. Church functions, political causes, special events, these and many other reasons are why silicone bands are gaining popularity and are more than likely here to stay. They are great little rewards for those who choose to give to the charity who is giving them out, making the giver extra pleased for being supportive and giving the cause a great way to spread the word.

Wearing customized wristbands can show your support for your favorite sports team, political candidate, or even for a friend that is facing tough times. Silicone bands have the ability to be customized to reflect the message you want to send. They can be worn for remembrance of persons and events and to keep issues in the forefront of life where they can be seen easily and worked on without being swept under the rug.

Sometimes people like to be reminded of a particular spiritual verse or scripture, these can be written on silicone bands for constant sight and comfort. They can also be used for giving to someone who remarks that they would like to have one, just keep an extra on hand or even give yours if necessary. Silicone wristbands are made for sharing.

If you want to show support for your local sports team or military members, these are a great way to go. They are an economical and effective way to show your love for causes and people. Another great use is to share in a special friendship, exchange bands with someone instead of a costly friendship locket. They make great souvenirs to look back on with fondness because they last longer than many other items.

Businesses can benefit from silicone bands because they are cost effective and provide traveling advertisement. Many people will see your logo or business information on the bands and know that you have happy customers who are willing to wear your company name on them. This will breed confidence in your company.

Silicone bands are a great way to help celebrate events and holidays, be festive for less money than other decorations that break easily. They are fun and can be worn by all ages.

Silicone bands have the ability to be easily personalized to whatever the event or cause, making them a great choice for your many needs. Use them for fashion or for a statement, doesn’t matter, they will stand up to the job.

Wristband Ideas

Reasons to Buy from Reminderband

Custom silicone bracelets are a popular choice for many functions, whether it is fundraising or showing support to a cause you are trying to gain awareness for, as well as many other uses. They can be used to increase the funding of charitable causes or for boosting attendance or support for particular events or groups by giving to people as handouts or wearing them yourselves. Noticeable custom made silicone bracelets make a statement and spark interest in the event or group and are a great form of advertisement.

Customized silicone wristbands are easily made to match whatever you need, from personalized lettering to the specific coloring you need, they can be made to match. These are a wearable and inexpensive way to commemorate special events. They can be used daily and not something that will simply be shelved.

Now that you see how custom made silicone bands can do what you need, where will you find them? A very popular choice that many people have been very pleased with is The color combinations and lettering options are virtually endless. They give their customers the option of ordering as few as one custom made band and have a turnaround time of six days and even within twenty-four hours for priority orders.

One of the best reasons to choose Reminderbands is because of the quality they give to each customer’s order. They start production with the highest quality materials and use the best manufacturing procedures to bring you the best silicone bracelets on the market today. They are thick and durable and are made with one hundred percent silicone, not highly stretchable and breakable rubber that can distort over time.

The unbeatable prices they have are backed by second to none price guarantees. With their best price guarantee, you will be assured that there are no better prices anywhere on the net, if you find any of the equal quality bracelets for lower prices, you will get that lower price on your order or it’s free! Couple the great prices with the awesomely fast delivery of your custom made silicone bracelets; you have the clear winner in silicone band choices. With priority ordering, your wristbands can arrive within twenty-four hours within the United States. They have a shipping match guarantee also, it states that if there can be found cheaper shipping with the same quality and timeframe, then your shipping is free.

There really is no need to go elsewhere if you need custom made silicone bands, even if you are ordering just one. Each and every customer gets the same quality and service no matter the size of the order. If a customer needs just one, they are just as important as the customer who needs five thousand bands.  Each band comes individually wrapped making them ultra simple to distribute.

With all these reasons to order from Reminderbands, you can be confident that you will be another very satisfied customer. They are more than cooperative to help you make the exact band for your every need and deliver with topnotch quality and speed.

Wristband Ideas

Wristband Options!

Go over ways to customize your wristbands such as style, color, text, logo, how text is inlaid, etc.

I must admit I knew nothing about Reminderband wristbands when I began to research the company. I had always thought they were used to get you in and out of outdoor rock concerts and hospitals. I soon realized that they would be a great way for my family to remember my 16-year old daughter who is in Brazil for foreign exchange this year. We are all wearing one while she is away.

What is great about Reminderband is the ability to customize the bands for whatever occasion you are celebrating or memorializing. You can get them created with your school colors and mascot. You can have your business logo and name on them. You can also get awareness bracelets for charities, religious movements, and fundraising.

You should really spend some time at checking out all the options. The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. When you get there, click on the “Wristbands” link at the top. Embossed, debossed, custom colored, multi-colored, marbelized, silkscreeened, two striped, three striped, silicone, shells, tire textured…who knew there were so many ways to individualize silicone bracelets?

There are 33 colors in 18 different styles. The price is beyond reasonable – it’s downright cheap. Hint: there is a nice price break if you jump from a quantity of 15 to 20. It’s so nice that 20 are actually less expensive than 15. What a great idea for kids’ birthday party gift bags.

In case you are wondering (as I was), the term debossed means the lettering, logo, etc. is actually engraved into the silicone band. I like this because unlike printing or embossing, it can’t wear off. And, I like the fact that there is no additional charge to have a message on the bands. They do charge a bit extra for custom art work to be debossed, but it’s well worth it to a company or nonprofit that needs to promote that logo or image.

Wristband Ideas

Rubber, Silicone, Wristbands, Bracelets? What’s the difference?

As stretch wristbands become more and more popular, many people wonder if there is any difference in the materials used as far as performance, longevity and potential health implications. Wristbands today may be marketed as silicone, rubber, or vinyl. What’s the difference?

Even though they are quite different materials, often the terms “silicone” and “rubber” are used interchangeably. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find any wristbands today made of actual rubber. While silicone is more expensive than rubber, the durability factor of silicone makes the slight extra cost well worth it. Also, silicone bracelets have an amazing propensity to return to its original size when stretched excessively, whereas rubber stretched too far may never be the same.

How does vinyl impact the conversation? While it is a bit less expensive than silicone, it also has a distinct odor. Also, silicone is much more elastic and will last far longer than vinyl. Vinyl makes sense for temporary use only. If you want your wristband to last, go with silicone.

Some wonder about the possibility that you might develop an allergic reaction to silicone. It turns out that very few people are actually allergic to silicone. Which is another reason so many bracelets use it. Most often other substances mixed in such as latex, a common allergen, cause the reaction.

The only difference between the terms “wristband” and “bracelet” are in the form of perception and marketing. When it comes to products for example, the terms are used interchangeably just like silicone and rubber. Consequently, as people usually search for these items on a search engine, companies like Reminderband will use both terms as those searching might use any combination of the words.

In the end, most people prefer silicone to rubber and vinyl. It lasts longer, keeps its shape better and seldom causes any skin irritation.

Who's Wearing Wristbands?

Awareness Wristbands for Everyone

As the Holiday Season began in 2008, one journalist in Cleveland decided to bring Thanksgiving in different than usual. Instead of the fear instilling stories which were prevalent in much of the media at that time, Toni Garbo, who was a managing news editor decided to spread joy and hope with her new custom wristband, which she had created with the words “Thank You God, I am Grateful”.

She had been watching the various celebrity award shows which air during the last months of the year. As she watched many of the celebrities stand up and thank God for everything they had accomplished she was touched that they would do so in front of the world, and decided to order the wristband for herself. She had so many people comment on the wristband. After people’s comments, she ordered a thousand in black and gray. She gave them to political figures, journalists, TV executives, celebrities, soldiers, students, and many more people.

But her message didn’t stop there. Members of the Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team got wind of Garbo’s wristband, and wanted some themselves. They began to wear the “Thank You” band on and off the field. The Associated Press eventually photographed one of the Ohio State players making a catch while wearing the “Thank You God, I Am Grateful” bands on both arms.

The Ohio State Buckeyes are not the only sports team with members who wear or have worn custom bracelets for one cause or another. In 2007, Terrell Owens, wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys was known for wearing a dark green rubber bracelet with the phrase “I own the guy guarding me” inscribed on it. The phrase came from a quote from Michael Jordan.

Another well-known campaign from the sports world which featured the custom bands was the intentions of the 2007 receiver for the Denver Broncos, Brandon Marshal, in memory of his fallen team mates. Both Darrent Williams and Damien Nash died that season. Williams died from a gunshot to the neck after a scene at a club, and Nash collapsed in his home of what was called “natural causes”. Marshall had been with both men just before their deaths.

Marshall had intended to wear a memorial Reminderband for each man during every game of that season. The emotional toll began to get to him, however, and he placed the bands in a trophy case in his home, where he would remember the men always, but could still focus on the game.

At the 2005 Pro Bowl and Pro Bowl festivities in Honolulu, Hawaii, twenty football players from the NFL wore reminder bands to show their support of United States troops. Aside from those twenty, many more NFL players have worn the wristbands to support the US military including such names as Michael Irvin, Ahman Green, Daunte Culpepper, Sam Adams, Steve Atwater, Mitch Berger, Kris Brown, Mike Golic, Tony Gonzalez, Ted Hendricks, Warren Moon, Mishin Mihammed, Ed Reed, Ike Reese, Lito Sheppard, Tra Thomas, and Jeremiah Trotter.

Rascal Flats handed out two thousand of the silicone bracelets during their 2005 Persian Gulf Tour. The “FREEDOM” bands were distributed by the band and worn to show their support of the military.

Back in 2005, both Anthony Clark and Mike O’Malley of the then popular television show ‘Yes Dear’ heard about the “Bands for Freedom” foundation’s support of the United States troops. They decided to show their support of the effort, and added their names to the online list of celebrity supporters for the cause. Many other celebrities jumped on the bandwagon and began to wear the bands in support of the troops. Micheal Keaton, Ernie Hudson, Kimberley Locke, and Christina Milian are just a few who also wore the bands.

Wristband Ideas

50 Uses for Custom Wristbands

Custom wristbands are a super handy and cost effective way to accomplish many goals. We will take a look here at some of these ways. has cheap custom rubber wristbands to suit your needs.

1. Business or church retreat members ID

2.  School fundraising

3.  School good behavior rewards

4.  Religious messages kept close to read often

5.  Evangelizing tool

6.  School president campaigning

7.  Diseases awareness

8.  Sport team support

9.  Business handouts with purchases

10. To show support for a patient or loved one going thru medical treatment or soldier

11. At reunions

12. Family gathering souvenirs

13.Wedding favors

14. Party favors

15. Military support

16. PTA / PTO uses

17. Church and school carnival prizes

18. Advertisement for events

19. Handouts for others who might like one

20. Halloween treats for trick-or-treaters

21. Stocking stuffers

22. To commemorate events such as marathons or other activities

23. For participants of events

24. Campaigning purposes for your chosen candidate

25. Candidate hand outs to promote votes

26. To honor the memory of a loved one

27. Company advertisement

28. Making a statement of your feelings or opinions

29. Showcase your group or band

30. Community support

31. Fashion accessory

32. Baby shower favors

33. Filler treat for filling mugs and such instead of candy

34. In place of business cards

35. Any event or organizational fundraising purpose

36. Helping to group people into orders at events

37. Helping to identify family members at large gatherings

38. To help celebrate holidays

39. Vacation bible school item

40. To hold logos of any kind

41. VIP pass instead of tickets

42. Identify yourself with a particular group or person

43. Motivational item

44. Advertising item

45. Anti-drug awareness item

46. Tool for DARE program and others

47. Help identify volunteers or other groups during disaster aid and such

48. Bible verse holder for spiritual comfort

49. Customizable for wedding party identification

50. Honoring someone

As you can see, there are many uses, but find some more and take advantage of this great tool that can do so much for so little. Go to today and see the results.