Awareness Bracelets

Branden’s Hope

Every newborn deserves the right to have a chance at life. “Newborn screening is vital in preventing a devastating outcome of certain metabolic, hormonal, and genetic disorders not clinically recognizable at birth,” says Catherine Houskay from the March of Dimes Public Affairs Board Chair.

In July of 2005, Branden Miller was diagnosed at nine months with a terminal disease known as Krabbe Leukodystrophy, which is an inherited, fatal, nervous system disease. It has no known treatment or cure. Denise and Ryan, Branden’s parents, have dedicated their time to help raise money and awareness towards research on this horrible disease. 

Pro Football Hall of Fame and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly has helped adopt the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Act (S.1858) sponsored by Senator Christopher Dodd and co-sponsored by other Senators. Read more…

Reminderband had the opportunity to donate some wristbands towards this worthy cause. Hopefully these real life stories will bring more awareness that so much more needs to be done in conquering this dreadful disease.