Imagine waking up one day and having to hurry and grab a few items that are expensive or close to you and driving off leaving everything behind. This is what many had to do when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. For Craig Karger, a sophomore at Tulane University, he left with just his lap top and iPod as he drove off to the Houston airport to fly to Miami to meet his parents.

Like many others Karger had to find a new place to go to college so he enrolled in Miami but wanted to be able to go back to Tulane as soon as possible. He wanted to make a difference even if it was just him raising money for his school.

“Craig was so upset and he wanted to do something to help his university so we told him we would do whatever it took for him if he wanted to raise money or help in some way,” said Craig’s mom Lori Karger.

With his parents help he started a Web site for Tulane University called
and created the Save Nola wristbands with the university president’s permission to use the Tulane wave. Craig wanted to sell the wristbands to raise awareness and money for the university he loved.

“Craig was on an online forum for Tulane when he asked President Cowen of the university if he could use the wave on the wristbands and he was granted permission,” said Lori.

After generating buzz about the wristbands and getting media coverage the Save Tulane project has raised $8,000 all of the proceeds from the wristbands go to the Commission to Bring Back New Orleans. Craig gave all the members of the commission a bracelet.

The entire Tulane basketball team is wearing the wristbands along with former Vice Presidential Nominee John Edwards.

“It’s really taken off and it’s been great to see my son put so much effort into such a great cause, all on his own,” said Lori.

“We have had a great experience working with Reminderband and appreciate all the help we have received,” said Lori.

For more information on how you can order the ROLL WAVE and Save NOLA wristbands visit