We would like to thank you for joining us in our celebration of our One Year Anniversary Sale. In order to thank you for your time, dedication and loyalty with our company, we have made a few changes in our pricing structure. Some of these changes include dealer discounts up to 40% off and free standard shipping for orders over 200 bands within the US. This new discounting structure is effective immediately. We have attached our new pricing structure for our wristbands.

Just as a simple reminder here are some of our strengths as a company:
• 20 Piece minimum
• 6 business day turn around time
• Mix of colors and sizes at no extra charge
• No Mold Fees, Set-up Fees, Dye Charges or Art fees
• 100% High Quality Silicone (highest in the industry)
• Excellent Customer Service

Please feel free to check out our new pricing structure on the dealer advantage website at Reminderband.com/dealers/