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Reminderband announces its donations to local Hurricane Katrina victims. Reminderband wanted to donate to local victims of the accident and so donations were sent to St. Stanislaus College, the Transitional Recovery Action Center for Katrina (T.R.A.C.K.) created by the Acadiana Outreach Center and the Salvation Army.

Reminderband donated approximately $20,800 to each of these organizations in an effort to help out those organizations that are locally helping rebuild what was so devastatingly lost.

“We are so thankful for Reminderband’s support and generous donation of $20,814! This past year was a very traumatic one, but we believe that this year is the year of new beginnings,” said Director of Acadiana Outreach Center Valerie Keller.

The TRACK program is committed to helping those in need in the Lafayette community as well as continuing their efforts assisting hurricane evacuees.

“Through your donation, we are able to offer hope to those who need it most, helping them create a new chapter in their lives during 2006,” said Keller.

The St. Stanislaus College located in Bay St. Louis Mississippi was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina ruining their library and dormitories. St. Stanislaus is the oldest continually operated school on the Mississippi Gulf coast and the largest Catholic Boarding School in the United States. It was persisted through the Civil War, the Depression and battering hurricanes and devastating fires since 1854 according to the school’s history.

“We are most appreciative of Reminderband’s generosity, the support plays an important role in the rebuilding of St. Stanislaus and the Bay St. Louis community,” said Director of Development Michael Reso.

Reminderband is committed to helping foundations for disaster relief as well as other organizations such as cancer research.

For more information on the KARE campaign and ways to help Katrina Relief efforts visit

Ken and his wife Carolyn found out Ken had bladder cancer in 1993. For Ken and Carolyn and their four children, this was a very difficult time. Ken started going to the doctor’s at least once a year for the doctor to scrape the tumors out of his bladder. After each procedure he would have to wait three months and then go back for a check-up and on April 15, 2005 he found out the cancer had spread.

“At the time we found out the cancer had spread it was time for chemo and by this time Ken and I were divorced,” said Carolyn. “Ken was undergoing some difficult interferon treatments during 2000-2003 and his attitude changed toward the family, we were divorced on paper but not in our hearts.”

For Father’s day of this year Carolyn wanted to do something very special for Ken and that is when she found Reminderband. She ordered 20 wristbands with Ken’s favorite saying from Star Trek “Make It So”.

“Ken loved the wristbands and was so thrilled and touched when he received them for Father’s Day,” said Carolyn.

Ken and Carolyn remarried on October 29, 2005 at 10 a.m. and Ken passed away that evening at 6:50 p.m.

“I held Ken’s hand and told him that it was time to go home and he didn’t have anything to worry about here,” said Carolyn.

Carolyn said she is going to wear her wristband until the day she goes home to be with Ken. She hasn’t taken her wristband off since the day she got them for Ken and will wear it forever as a constant reminder of a best friend.

To order your own personal reminder for a special cause or person in your life visit

We would like to thank you for joining us in our celebration of our One Year Anniversary Sale. In order to thank you for your time, dedication and loyalty with our company, we have made a few changes in our pricing structure. Some of these changes include dealer discounts up to 40% off and free standard shipping for orders over 200 bands within the US. This new discounting structure is effective immediately. We have attached our new pricing structure for our wristbands.

Just as a simple reminder here are some of our strengths as a company:
• 20 Piece minimum
• 6 business day turn around time
• Mix of colors and sizes at no extra charge
• No Mold Fees, Set-up Fees, Dye Charges or Art fees
• 100% High Quality Silicone (highest in the industry)
• Excellent Customer Service

Please feel free to check out our new pricing structure on the dealer advantage website at

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