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Branden’s Hope

Branden Miller will be 1 year old on Halloween and while for most 1 year olds this is their first of many Halloweens for trick-or-treating this could be one of the few Branden ever gets to celebrate. As an infant he was diagnosed with Krabbe disease, a type of Leukodystrophy, a degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system.

Branden’s family wanted to do something to aid in the research of this fatal disease to help their son in any way possible. One fundraising idea was to sell wristbands that say “Branden’s Hope” on one side and the other side read “Leukodystrophy”.

“These wristbands helped give us peace of mind,” said Ryan Miller, Branden’s father. “Selling these wristbands to help raise money and donate to research lets us know that we are doing something for our son when we feel like there isn’t much else we can do.”

Branden’s family set up a booth in the local mall in Winnipeg Canada and sold the wristbands. They made $1,000 in two days to add to their endowment fund for research for Leukodystrophy.

“Our goal is to set up an endowment fund to go to furthering research for Leukodystrophy so that there can eventually be a cure,” said Miller.

In two months the Miller family has raised close to $7,000 for the endowment research fund from auctions, family fundraisers and selling wristbands.

“Thank you Reminderband for everything you’ve done for our cause, without your help a cure for the disease is out of reach,” Miller said.

To order Branden’s Hope wristbands to help the Leukodystrophy endowment research email Ryan Miller at To order your custom wristbands for a fundraising opportunity visit