Reminderband is a proud in-kind donor of the organization Boundless Playgrounds whose mission is to create extraordinary playgrounds where all children with and without disabilities can develop essential skills for life as they learn together through play.

Boundless Playgrounds created the “PLAY2LIVE” wristband for their spirit band campaign. With the help of supporters and friends they’ve raised over $4,000 with the spirit band campaign.

“Reminderband is a proud supporter of Boundless Playgrounds and their goals and mission to make playgrounds available for every child,” said Jeff Morgan, Vice President of Sales for Reminderband.

The vision of Boundless Playgrounds is a society where everyone everywhere is welcomed and empowered to contribute because children of all abilities grow up playing and learning together on Boundless Playgrounds.

“Thank you so much for supporting the Boundless Playgrounds through the PLAY2LIVE spirit bands,” said Dina, representative of Boundless Playgrounds. “We truly appreciate your support and thanks for making a difference in children’s lives.”

The following is a message from Daniel, age 14, president of Boundless Playgrounds’ Junior Advisory Board.

The Junior Advisory Board cares about Boundless Playgrounds’ mission that “Every child! Every ability! Everywhere!” deserves places where they can play and learn together, whether they have disabilities or not. Playing matters for children of all abilities-and grownups too! Boundless Playgrounds reminds us all to celebrate life while we support a good cause. In winter 2004, we created a great way for young people to get the word out about Boundless Playgrounds and raise money for the cause at the same time by starting the “PLAY2LIVE” spirit band campaign.

I would like to thank all of our Boundless Playgrounds friends and supporters for your commitment to making a difference. With your help, we’ve raised over $4,000 so far with the spirit band campaign.

Recently, I had the chance to meet a celebrity who was willing to show his support by wearing a spirit band. I gave Billy Crystal and his wife Janice PLAY2LIVE spirit bands and they both wear the bands and are very nice.

To order your PLAY2LIVE wristbands and support the organization visit their Web site at