Driving down the road it’s easy to spot the yellow ribbon many people have on their vehicles that say “Support Your Troops.” It’s a reminder for those fighting for their country and many of those great soldiers have loved ones they have left at home. Now there is a reminder for those in Iraq and for those left behind.

Crystal Hansen and her husband were married for a year this past March and he was sent to Iraq in April. When he left she wanted something to make them feel closer together and she knew t-shirts and bumper stickers weren’t enough, she wanted a constant reminder for not only her but also for her husband. This led her to order wristbands that say “Half My Heart’s in Iraq” and her husband’s wristband to say “Half My Heart’s In Utah.”

“I had never heard of any one giving their husband a wristband that said half my heart’s in Utah, so I sent him one to help us feel connected,” said Hansen.

Reminderband wanted this to be available to other wives all over the country so the pair of wristbands say “Half My Heart’s In Iraq” and “Half My Heart’s In the U.S.”

“I just feel like it is a good way for husbands and wives to feel close together when you are so far apart for so long,” Hansen said. “It is such a great reminder that I get to see everyday!”

To get your pair of wristbands to support your soldier in Iraq visit www.reminderband.com
or go to Bandsonhand.com for “Half My Heart…” premade wristbands that support Crystal Hansen’s family.