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Wristbands Bring Unity to One College Football Team

In Ohio one of the biggest college rivalries is between Mt. Union University and Ohio Northern Univeristy. Wristbands were ordered by Ohio Northern that said “Beat Mt. Union” and that’s exactly what Ohio Northern did, beat their rival 21-14.

“The wristbands played a major role in our win,” said Dean Taul, Head Coach of Ohio Northern University. “They were used as an internal motivation within the team.”

The wristbands were used as a means of bringing unity among the team.

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Reminderband’s Winner of the IPod Shuffle Raffle

Mark Cabot ordered wristbands for his family’s non-profit organization “Educate These Children” to raise money to help send children to Malawi Africa for school. Cabot didn’t realize when he filled out our survey about our grand opening day sale, he was entered into our ipod shuffle raffle and yesterday he was our winner!

“We chose Reminderband because the Web site was easy to use and the prices were great,” said Cabot.

Reminderband would like to congratulate Mark on winning our raffle and thank him for the time he took to fill out our survey.

Last week Reminderband launched their new innovative Web site and ran a promotional one day sale. For more one day sales and other Reminderband news go to the mailing Web site and sign up to our mailing list.

“In just under 2 years we have raised about $25,000 and the wristbands are a great way to get out our organization’s name and make people aware of the situation in so many countries,” said Cabot.

To learn more about Cabot and his family’s organization visit the Web site

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Branden’s Hope

Branden Miller will be 1 year old on Halloween and while for most 1 year olds this is their first of many Halloweens for trick-or-treating this could be one of the few Branden ever gets to celebrate. As an infant he was diagnosed with Krabbe disease, a type of Leukodystrophy, a degenerative disorder that affects the nervous system.

Branden’s family wanted to do something to aid in the research of this fatal disease to help their son in any way possible. One fundraising idea was to sell wristbands that say “Branden’s Hope” on one side and the other side read “Leukodystrophy”.

“These wristbands helped give us peace of mind,” said Ryan Miller, Branden’s father. “Selling these wristbands to help raise money and donate to research lets us know that we are doing something for our son when we feel like there isn’t much else we can do.”

Branden’s family set up a booth in the local mall in Winnipeg Canada and sold the wristbands. They made $1,000 in two days to add to their endowment fund for research for Leukodystrophy.

“Our goal is to set up an endowment fund to go to furthering research for Leukodystrophy so that there can eventually be a cure,” said Miller.

In two months the Miller family has raised close to $7,000 for the endowment research fund from auctions, family fundraisers and selling wristbands.

“Thank you Reminderband for everything you’ve done for our cause, without your help a cure for the disease is out of reach,” Miller said.

To order Branden’s Hope wristbands to help the Leukodystrophy endowment research email Ryan Miller at To order your custom wristbands for a fundraising opportunity visit

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Boundless Playgrounds Make a Difference With Wristbands

Reminderband is a proud in-kind donor of the organization Boundless Playgrounds whose mission is to create extraordinary playgrounds where all children with and without disabilities can develop essential skills for life as they learn together through play.

Boundless Playgrounds created the “PLAY2LIVE” wristband for their spirit band campaign. With the help of supporters and friends they’ve raised over $4,000 with the spirit band campaign.

“Reminderband is a proud supporter of Boundless Playgrounds and their goals and mission to make playgrounds available for every child,” said Jeff Morgan, Vice President of Sales for Reminderband.

The vision of Boundless Playgrounds is a society where everyone everywhere is welcomed and empowered to contribute because children of all abilities grow up playing and learning together on Boundless Playgrounds.

“Thank you so much for supporting the Boundless Playgrounds through the PLAY2LIVE spirit bands,” said Dina, representative of Boundless Playgrounds. “We truly appreciate your support and thanks for making a difference in children’s lives.”

The following is a message from Daniel, age 14, president of Boundless Playgrounds’ Junior Advisory Board.

The Junior Advisory Board cares about Boundless Playgrounds’ mission that “Every child! Every ability! Everywhere!” deserves places where they can play and learn together, whether they have disabilities or not. Playing matters for children of all abilities-and grownups too! Boundless Playgrounds reminds us all to celebrate life while we support a good cause. In winter 2004, we created a great way for young people to get the word out about Boundless Playgrounds and raise money for the cause at the same time by starting the “PLAY2LIVE” spirit band campaign.

I would like to thank all of our Boundless Playgrounds friends and supporters for your commitment to making a difference. With your help, we’ve raised over $4,000 so far with the spirit band campaign.

Recently, I had the chance to meet a celebrity who was willing to show his support by wearing a spirit band. I gave Billy Crystal and his wife Janice PLAY2LIVE spirit bands and they both wear the bands and are very nice.

To order your PLAY2LIVE wristbands and support the organization visit their Web site at

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Reminderband’s New Opening Day Sale!

Join Reminderband in the Grand Opening of their new Web site with a 1 day only special!

For today, Oct.18, all wristbands are $1! Mold fees, art fees or any other fees are waived today only and we will ship them to you for free! Yes, that’s right, shipping is free and there are absolutely no fees!

Better yet you can order a minimum of 20 bands or as many as you want. All orders over 1,000 wristbands call customer service at 800-922-5401 for even better pricing.

No hidden agenda, just $1 per wristband with absolutely no fees! Did we mention the wristbands are only $1?

The wristbands can be shipped to you in 10 days or less so order today before the sale ends. To place an order visit the new innovative Web site at .

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Reminderband’s IPod Shuffle Winner!

Reminderband is excited to announce the winner of the ipod shuffle raffle, Laine Levi, from Canada for submitting her testimonial on our Web page for wristbands.

“This is the coolest thing I have ever won,” said Levi. “I feel very fortunate, thank you Reminderband!”

Reminderband thanks Laine and everybody else who took the time to submit a testimonial on our Web site testimonials page.

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Miss Utah Visits Reminderband

Reminderband is a proud sponsor of Miss Utah and her platform healthy weight for life gold medal program.Reminderband received a surprise visit from Miss Utah, Julia Bachison on Wednesday after she finished her gold medal program walks with the local elementary schools. Reminderband is a proud sponsor of Miss Utah and her platform healthy weight for life gold medal program.

“I want to express my gratitude for the positive and supportive response that I have received from Reminderband,” Bachison said.

Miss Utah came to meet the people of Reminderband and got a behind the scenes tour of the offices of the company. She also got some fun wristbands of her choice to wear besides the gold medal and Kare wristbands that she already wears.

“My bands are perfect, each one looks great as I distribute them throughout the state promoting my platform,” Bachison said. “I am so impressed by how professional and yet personal Reminderband Company is.”

“Julia is a great individual and we are proud to support her and the Gold Medal Program,” said Jeff Morgan, Vice President of Sales for Reminderband.

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Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers and Radio Listeners: Reminderband Employees Volunteer

They were cold and rainy Saturdays but that didn’t stop many employees at Reminderband to donate their time. The employees sold the KARE wristbands in an effort to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Employees at Reminderband first volunteered their time at a local Logan restaurant, Firehouse Pizza, to raise money teaming up with the local radio stations for hurricane relief.

Two weeks later the team was back outside in the rain and cold selling wristbands outside of the local Wal-Mart in their hurricane fundraising event.

The KARE wristbands were created with the KARE Campaign, an effort to band Americans together to show the victims of the tragic Hurricane Katrina that they care. All proceeds from the KARE wristbands go to different hurricane relief organizations.

The team at Reminderband is committed to helping with disaster relief, cancer research and other great causes.

To learn more about the Kare Campaign visit the Web site

Reminderband Press Releases

Wristbands Donated To USU for Remembrance

LOGAN, UT— Reminderband, the leader in silicone wristbands, announces its donation of 5,000 wristbands to Utah State University in remembrance of the eight students and one instructor from the College of Agriculture that died in a 15-passenger van accident Monday, Sept. 26.

“When we heard about the accident we wanted to help in some way so we are donating bands to support those who have been affected by this tragedy,” said Clay Broadbent, Reminderband partner.

The wristbands will be a tri-colored band including the Aggie “A” and the trademark university colors of blue and white with the third color maize, which is the official color for the College of Agriculture. The wristbands say “Always Remember” for those who want to show their remembrance and support to the nine killed and their families and friends left behind.

“The funds raised from selling the wristbands will go to the Agriculture Technology Fellowship Fund,” said Kent Clark, Utah State University Director Corporate Foundations and Relations.

The wristbands will be available at Utah State University and can be seen as soon as the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

“We hope these wristbands are more than just an outlet for fund-raising,” said Broadbent. “We see them as a way to bring unity and remembrance to those affected by this tragedy.”

Reminderband supports other causes throughout the country and hopes to generate support for the families and those affected by this tragedy.


Reminderband Press Releases

Reminderband Supports Troops

Driving down the road it’s easy to spot the yellow ribbon many people have on their vehicles that say “Support Your Troops.” It’s a reminder for those fighting for their country and many of those great soldiers have loved ones they have left at home. Now there is a reminder for those in Iraq and for those left behind.

Crystal Hansen and her husband were married for a year this past March and he was sent to Iraq in April. When he left she wanted something to make them feel closer together and she knew t-shirts and bumper stickers weren’t enough, she wanted a constant reminder for not only her but also for her husband. This led her to order wristbands that say “Half My Heart’s in Iraq” and her husband’s wristband to say “Half My Heart’s In Utah.”

“I had never heard of any one giving their husband a wristband that said half my heart’s in Utah, so I sent him one to help us feel connected,” said Hansen.

Reminderband wanted this to be available to other wives all over the country so the pair of wristbands say “Half My Heart’s In Iraq” and “Half My Heart’s In the U.S.”

“I just feel like it is a good way for husbands and wives to feel close together when you are so far apart for so long,” Hansen said. “It is such a great reminder that I get to see everyday!”

To get your pair of wristbands to support your soldier in Iraq visit
or go to for “Half My Heart…” premade wristbands that support Crystal Hansen’s family.