Julie Paige McAvinn passed away on February 25, 2004 at the young age of 40 leaving behind her husband and three children. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November 2003 and died three months later.

Julie was an avid runner and extremely athletic competing in races including the Boston Marathon in 1999.

The Julie Fund was established after Julie’s death, however she thought up the idea when she was battling the cancer.

“Julie thought up the fund before she died and told us she wanted to do something to help other people who are faced with this terrible situation,” said close friend Peg Fischer.

The Julie Fund was established by Julie’s family and friends in partnership with the Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners Healthcare, a system of Massachusetts’ leading academic medical centers and community hospitals.

Fischer’s 11-year-old son thought up the idea to sell wristbands in order to raise money and awareness for the Julie Fund.

“We kicked off in June selling wristbands at a race held for the Julie fund and we sold 1,000 in a month,” said Fischer.

The Julie Fund expects to impact three key areas relating to women’s cancers including non-medical expenses, research and raising awareness.

“The wristbands are worn by the people of Wellesley and we have to keep ordering more,” Fischer said.

The Julie Fund has sold thousands of the cancer bracelet wristbands with the profit from the bands assisting the goals set by Julie before she passed away.

There will be a gala held for the Julie Fund on Oct. 8 for further fundraising. Wristbands will be worn by those attending.

Reminderband has been incredible to work with and we are grateful for the support as we move quickly to launch the Julie Fund,” Fischer said.

For more information about the Julie Fund visit the Web site http://www.juliefund.org.