Awareness Bracelets

Uniting National Parks

Anne Dobson, product development manager of Lassen Volcanic National Park, was inspired by the idea of raising awareness from Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong wristbands and wanted to promote awareness about her place of employment.

Anne Dobson, executive director of Lassen Loomis Museum Association, was inspired by Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong wristbands and wanted to raise awareness throughout the nation by promoting the National Park Service’s mission statement. She contacted all the national parks throughout the nation in an attempt for unity.

“It was the goal of our non-profit park partner, Lassen Loomis Museum Association, to create National Park Service awareness bands with part of the park’s mission statement,” Dobson said. The bands say “PRESERVE, PROTECT, ENJOY.”

The National Parks Service chronicles the rich cultural and natural history of the United States dating back to the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt’s attempt to preserve land.

“Reminderband has provided an invaluable opportunity to expand awareness of our country’s legacy,” said Marilyn H. Parris, superintendent of Lassen Volcanic National Park.

“We are a united front, and it’s so wonderful to have these bands out nationally,” Dobson said.

Proceeds from the sale of the wristbands has stayed in parks and allowed the national park projects and programs to continue.

“[Reminderband‘s] timely and personable customer service has made our “Wear Green” campaign both successful and fun,” Parris said.

The National Park Service wristbands are available through the non-profit cooperating association’s Web site