Prayer Wenger, a 17-month-old little girl from Quincy, Pa., nearly drowned in her family pool on July 18. She suffered severe brain damage to the front and back parts of her brain – the parts that control her sight, hearing, speech and motion. She has a feeding tube in her stomach because she cannot swallow and she doesn’t respond to bright lights.

Prayer will need ongoing medical care for the rest of her life with round-the-clock nurses, feeding table, hospital crib and a new handicap-accessible van.

A 13-year-old friend Brandon Sibbio came up with the idea to raise money for Prayer’s medical needs. He suggested silicone wristbands that read “A prayer for Prayer.”

“I thought this was an awesome idea and was so very touched,” said family friend Lisa Sibbio.

Brandon went through his wristbands and found the Reminderband Web site on the inside of one that he knew was good quality.

“Our goal is to raise as much money as possible and we have had a lot of success with these wristbands,” Sibbio said.

Reminderband provided the Prayer for Prayer Foundation with 500 wristbands, and after an overwhelming response, they now have ordered close to 2,000 bands.

To order, learn more about Prayer and to purchase her wristbands, visit with keyword Praisethelord.

“We hope this fundraiser continues to bring prayers for Prayer and raise money for her care. She is a beautiful little girl,” Sibbio said.