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Reminderband, the official manufacturer of silicone wristbands for the Tour de France, now has a newsroom link to update consumers on what remarkable things the company is doing.

“Our goal with this newsroom link is to raise awareness of the exciting things that Reminderband is doing,” said Aaron Bishop, one of Reminderband’s partners.

Reminderband, which started in November of 2004, has pushed forward as one of the top leading manufacturers of the silicone wristband craze.

In July of this month, Reminderband earned the official license for the Tour de France wristbands.

The Livestrong wristbands inspired Reminderband to promote causes – whether big or small – by making custom silicone bands affordable. Reminderband continues its commitment to community and donates tens of thousands of wristbands to great causes and fundraisers they believe in, such as disaster relief and cancer research.

Reminderband was recently featured in this month’s issue of My Business magazine as living off the fad of the land.

Many organizations and special causes are able to raise awareness by promoting their causes with Reminderband’s wristbands.